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living room, interior design, furniture-Apartment

3 Points To Remember Before Renting an Apartment

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living room, interior design, furniture-Apartment

3 Tips To Hunt Your Ideal Apartment

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5 Swimming Pool Accessories You Should Add

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6 Myths and Facts about Operating Your Water Heater

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6 Measures To Winter-Proof Your Home

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4 Ways To Save Money With An Air Filter Whistle

4 Steps To Save Money With An Air Filter Whistle

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6 Ideas for Reducing Attic Heat

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Even in small homes of small houses, there’s a specific devasthan or mandir for the deities.

Our deities have been plenty such as Eesht Devi-Devta, Kuldevi-Devta, Gram Devi-Devta and so on, who bless and protect us. Thus, they deserve a special respect from us.

However, people in the urban areas, particularly metro cities are not able to spare a separate room for worshipping. Thus, Bizno has come up with its portable mandirs made especially for the purpose.

Sofas for small spaces which can extend into beds when required.

Perfect chairs for all purposes.

Tables perfect for homes as well as offices.

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It’s been months that we started. We’ve plenty of stock yet to be listed. If you didn’t find your desired product listed, don’t lose your hope; we’re here to help.

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Designing and Consultation Services

We are now open for providing designing services in the following domains.

Renovation and Rework

We can be of your help if;

  • You want to digitize your old maps.
  • You are planning some renovation for which you want some changes in your maps.
  • You want renders and visualizations on your already existing maps.

Vastu and Design Consultation

India is a land blessed with a vibrant literature. Vastu is one of these gems, evolved by various saints into varied contexts.

We can help you put these principles in practice.

Interior and Exterior Designing. Elevations and Renders.

We can do a complete visualization for you so that you’re able to plan more efficiently.

Furniture and Product Designing and Development

We can craft maps and 3D renders for various products or furniture designs you have in your mind, paper or in any source of inspiration.

Architecture and Map Work

We can make 2D and 3D maps for you.

If you’re interested, you can get in touch with us at .