6 Myths and Facts about Operating Your Water Heater

6 Myths and Facts about Operating Your Water Heater

There are many myths surrounding the idea of saving money on your water heater. And more about whether reducing the water temperature will save you money. Here is a list of common beliefs about whether there is any truth in the belief.

1. It’s best if you leave the hot water heater on at all times rather than turning it on and off.

This is a very common myth, but you actually do not need to be heating your water all the time. As long as your tank has a good insulating jacket, your water will remain hot all day. By not having the hot water heater on all day to heat up your water, you are saving energy and money.

2. A new water heater will offer you substantial savings.

This is a myth. You do save in energy costs when replacing an old heater with a new one. But those savings don’t take into account the overall price of purchasing a new hot water heater.

3. Older water heaters do not meet safety standards.

When you installed that heater , it was under the guidance of the regulations then. If you’re worried about it not covering the current safety standards, get it checked out.

4. Older water heaters lead to dirty water.

This is a myth. Water heaters are designed to withstand any build-up. If you notice a rusty color to your water, or if it takes longer than usual to heat up water, get it checked out.

5. Insulate your water heater.

This is something you need to do. Instead of having it run all day so that you’ll have a nice hot bath, leave it on for an hour or so. Turn it off and the insulation in your water heater will keep the water hot. By insulating your water heater, it will also lead to a shorter waiting time for your hot water to come through your faucet.

6. Turn down your water heater.

This is true. This is a very quick and energy efficient way to save money. You can get away with turning down the heater to only about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people worry about the bacteria due to not having hotter water. But make sure you use soap when washing the dishes and you’ll kill any leftover bacteria. Or you can soak all your dishes in hot water beforehand.

Always sort through these myths before going through with some of them. Sometimes the things claiming to save you money will actually cost you more money.

Knowing the myths and facts about your water heater, will help you save money. There might be no need to replace an older water heater as long as it’s working properly.


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