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Even in small homes of small houses, there’s a specific devasthan or mandir for the deities.

Our deities have been plenty such as Eesht Devi-Devta, Kuldevi-Devta, Gram Devi-Devta and so on, who bless and protect us. Thus, they deserve a special respect from us.

However, people in the urban areas, particularly metro cities are not able to spare a separate room for worshipping. Thus, Bizno has come up with its portable mandirs made especially for the purpose.

What is Aipan? This is a question which arises in the minds of people when they look at this art form first things first.

Aipan is the folk art form of Kumaon division of Uttarakhand. Earlier it was done using ocher, also known as geru in local languages or Vermillion; while the white part of the painting was done using rice flour, chalk, lime or other resources.

Now, this traditional art form has evolved, which is the reason why we’ve determined to deliver these artefacts right at your doosrsteps.

Sofas for small spaces which can extend into beds when required.

Perfect chairs for all purposes.

Tables perfect for homes as well as offices.

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