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6 Measures To Winter-Proof Your Home

Winter. Colder temperatures and blustery winds will soon be a part of our daily life as winter ebbs ever closer. Begin winterizing your home long before the icy temperatures arrive. By taking a little time each weekend, your home will be ready for winter weather without much effort. You can keep more warmth in your home by taking the time to winter-proof your home.

1. Check on some programs to save on winter energy bills.

Many authorities have a home heating check-up. They can also recommend steps to ensure your home isn’t wasting energy during the winter months. With proper upkeep and weatherproofing, you can save money this year.

2. Check for Leaks around Windows and Doors

Light a candle and hold it about six inches from the window or door and move it around . If the candle flickers, you know there’s a leak in that area. By weather stripping or caulking to stop the leaks, you can save up to 15% off your heating bill.

After you’ve added weather stripping, there could still be a draft. You can find plastic sheets at most home improvement stores. They will help you block drafts. Stretch the plastic sheet over the window and then blow dry. This creates a barrier, which will keep the cold air out.

3. Check the ductwork

Crawl under the home or in the attic,. Check the seals around your ductwork. They wear out over time and with use. Replace any damaged ductwork and re-tape any joints, which have come loose. You may also want to ensure there is enough insulation in both areas of your home.

4. Check your heating unit or furnace

Have a professional come out unless you’re very familiar with the mechanics of your furnace. Remember to clean or change the filter in your furnace each month during the winter. This will help it run well and reduce your heating bill. If your heating system runs on natural gas, you’ll want a professional to check it for gas leaks.

5. Winterize your air conditioner

Winterize your air conditioner, whether it is a window unit or a large whole-house unit. Shut the water off to the air conditioner so you don’t have to worry about it freezing. You’ll also want to cover it with an insulated blanket to keep snow and debris out of it.

6. Insulate pipes, wires, or vents, which lead outdoors.

This will help keep cold air outside where it belongs. It would also be helpful to check around your light switches and electrical plugs. If you notice drafts around them, you can put insulation behind the plate to keep the cold air out.

Bonus Tips [Miscellaneous]

Clean out the gutters around your home and inspect the fascia boards. While you’re up along the roof, check the roof for damage and cracks in the chimney if you have one. Make any repairs needed to ensure your home is as safe and secure as possible before winter arrives.

When you winter-proof your home, the time and effort is an investment in your home. Winterizing your home will result in a warmer house. You’ll also notice a difference in your energy bills during the winter months.


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