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3 Tips To Hunt Your Ideal Apartment

Apartment hunting can be very daunting for some potential renters. Often the variety of options available to these renters is a source of overwhelming frustration for the renters. With so many appealing options it can be difficult to choose one. Yet, there are some tips which can help to ease the process of apartment hunting. The renter can break down this process into three simple steps. The first step is to set a budget. Next the renter should research their available options. Then, he should compare shop to determine which option is the best.

1. Set a Budget First

For many renters the most important consideration is how much they are willing to spend on an apartment per month. For this reason it should come as no surprise that the first step in the apartment hunting process should include establishing a budget. Renters should consider their monthly income and subtract out all their monthly expenses from this amount. Monthly expenses should include all bills as well as money spent on food, entertainment and miscellaneous items. The renter may also wish to subtract out an extra amount to allow for some savings each month as well as emergencies. The total left after these subtractions is the amount the renter is able to spend on an apartment per month. Once the renter establishes this amount, he will have a better understanding of the type of apartment they are able to afford.

2. Research Available Properties

Once the renter establishes a budget, he should begin researching the properties which fall within his budget range. It is likely to consider properties which are a bit above the range as well as properties which are a bit below the range. The renter can then see if he can make improvements on his monthly expenditure to ease the renting of a more expensive property. The renter can also determine whether they feel there is the opportunity to negotiate a lower rental rate on a particular property.

The renter does not need to visit each property when researching properties. He can get most of the pricing information from online resources and magazines. Pricing is the primary concern at this point. The initial research will enable the renter to cut properties which are too far out of their price range.

3. Comparison Shopping

By this time, the renter has narrowed down his list of possible apartment complexes to a more manageable number. It is the time to start visiting these properties. This would let the renter feel the quality of the apartment as well as the amenities offered by the complex. This can help him decide between properties which are otherwise very similar.

The comparison shopping process gives the renter some bargaining power in negotiating more favorable rent rates. Renters who have visited many apartments likely have a good idea of the going rate in a particular area for a particular size apartment. These renters are able to convince some leasing agents to lower their prices at least a little bit. There will not likely be huge drops in price from these negotiations. But it will likely be enough to consider worthwhile.


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