BM01 Wooden Mandir | 12*12*24 inches | 5 kgs | Drawer Attached

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BM01 is just 12*12*24 inches in dimensions. It weighs just 3.15 kg.

A perfect fit for those who found various of our designs too small.

It has a drawer attached, in which you can keep the basic ‘Pooja Samagri’.

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In the first batch of three mandirs, many visitors suggested that they would be happier if the mandirs were a bit bigger, while some were looking for even smaller variants. We at Bizno took consideration of the overwhelming feedback to work on it.

So, here’s a bigger wooden mandir to work for your needs.

People who found the designs of other mandirs simple would definitely like at least this model.

Here are the features of the mandir, one should consider.

  • Medium Sized

It is just 12*12*24 inches in dimensions. It weighs just 5 kg. Not that small and also not very big.

  • Attached Drawer

How many of us cry out heaven and earth, when we’re not able to find something? Especially, at the moment? Perhaps, all of us.

Bizno has made a note of it. With the Wooden Mandir, you get a drawer attached regarding your Pooja such as vermillion, incense, match, sandalwood etc. It is perfectly apt for the purpose.

  • Design easy to clean

More design means more dust. Working professionals might not have the time to be so engrossed in cleaning.

Thus, the design of the Mandir is pleasing, still easier to clean. Weekly cleaning is enough.

  • Portable

The mandir can be hanged on the wall with two strong nails or it can be placed on a stool or table as per your convenience.

Though, it is not recommended to change the location of the mandir as per the shastras, yet, if the situation requires, carrying the mandir isn’t a hectic task. However, a carpenter might be required to set it up.


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 24 in


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