Money box, gullak, galla

Money Box Design for a Client!

The reason, why I’m so excited about this money box design is that I’m a Baniya (Derived from Sanskrit word- Vanik) and am proud of my culture. People of our community are down to earth, regardless of the wealth they accumulate. The results they get are directly proportional to the respect and efforts they pay to the money. Money is energy, first things first, then a medium of exchange and finally some sort of wealth.

I’m not communal and I believe that whoever gets this concept right is blessed with a lot of wealth from the nature.

What is so special about this money box?

This design was given to us by a client on paper. We converted it into a digital format and the production is currently going on.

Baniyas have been respecting their money boxes (or gullaks/ gallas) since ages. The place which houses your wealth should have that sort of energy or ambience.

People who live in cleaner surroundings are more productive than those who don’t. Don’t believe me, refer to Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui (particularly Yin and Yang concepts), most of the architectural schools would agree to this point.

In early times, Baniyas used red colored money boxes to please Goddess Lakshmi. 

Similar idea has been used over here.

Money box, gullak, galla

The box is not just a money box, but is comprised of two components.

A tray with sections divided for different sorts of notes and coins.

Secondly, a space beneath for the files and miscellany to be kept.

Keeping in view the plagiarism prevalent in the modern times, it is currently not favourable for the dimensions, weight and other specifications to be disclosed. However, they’ll be let known once, the product is ready.

In case, you also want a money box of this design, it is possible. Drop me a text on whatsapp (7906804277) or email me at

Customizations to this design are also possible.

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