Gifting Boxes For Festivals

Gifting gets a bit tiring when you’re organizing an event during uncertain lockdowns.

But, every cloud has a silver lining. Since, you’re cutting the list of guests short, you can prioritize quality over quantity.

We at Bizno have recently been working on several designs of gifting boxes, which you would also love.

These gift boxes are not just for events or festivals. You can have them for literally any reason and any time. 

Though, we’re not listing them; you can place an order by calling 7906804277 or emailing

We also support other customizations to the existing designs on request.

Wooden Box (Plywood) perfect for jewellery and other miscellaneous stuff. White Mica.

10*6*5 inches, 1.2 Kg.

Item that can be probably used as a stationery or pen holder and even for storing fruits or flowers in a decorative manner.

8*7*7 inches, 0.85 kg.

A Hexagonal Box with six sections. Can be effectively used as a jewellery, sweet or dry fruit box. In early times, Thakurains of villages had Paan Daans of similar shapes.

Lid covered with Glass as well.

Side= 6 inches, Height= 4 inches.

Weight= 1.5 Kg.

These designs have been inspired from Jyoti Nikunj Parekh’s Book ‘Wonderful Gift Wrapping’.


Bizno is India’s Emerging Furniture Store experimenting with a range of designs.


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