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Stunning Ideas of Modular Bedroom Wardrobes

Bedroom makeovers can never be complete without these charming, jaw-dropping wardrobe ideas. Even though the sole purpose of wardrobes is storage,they are the integral part of Modern Bedroom Interior Designing and when designed to perfection complements the bedroom.

A modular wardrobe enhances the bedroom interiors and can be customized to meet your basic functionalities. These contemporary wardrobes now come in various sizes, designs, and materials. So let’s take a walk through this enticing journey and see what suits your needs the best.

Swing door wardrobes

The most common of all but with the right designs, it can be the wardrobe of your dreams. As the door swings open, these wardrobes require more space. You can achieve a trendy look by giving a texture or pattern to the door. A built-in dressing table will also save space in the bedroom. 

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Sliding door wardrobes:

They are the perfect choice for most room layouts, as they can accommodate well where there is a crunch for space for swing doors. Try using mirrored sliding doors, which allow more light and make your room seem expensive. 

Wardrobe with Hidden Beds:

If you are an avid minimalist and would like to show off something innovative, this might be your choice. A wardrobe with a foldable bed can effectively remove the most space-consuming element of the room. You can tuck away the bed when not in use. This is a great option to explore if you have an apartment with small bedrooms.

Folding Wardrobes:

These can come in L shape and can fit absolutely into any corner of the room, leaving more space for thoroughfares. As the doors are easily foldable, they occupy less space too. 

Walk-in wardrobes:

Having a walk-in closet is like satisfying your sweet desire. This movie-like wardrobe takes up more area, so go for fit only when you have excess room space. However, the straight-out-of-a-magazine look seems so stylish that one does not feel like leaving the closet at all. Not only does it give you more room to store your collection, but it also makes organizing a LOT easier.

walk-in closet


The smallest of bedrooms will never seem cramped when a wardrobe is attached to the head of the bed. Of course, it meets the storage requirements without compromising on the modern, chic look.

Some Styling Tips:

  • Despite all these important aspects to consider, pay attention to the color of the wood or metal used on the door of the wardrobes. 
  • The lighter the shade, the more open and spacious the look.
  • Lofts above the wardrobes can give storage space for less frequently used items or big luggage or suitcases. 
  • One of the corner wardrobe doors may open into a dressing room or bathroom door. 
  • Hinged-door and sliding door wardrobes can be customized to be portable or freestanding, depending on your choice. 

We hope that these striking wardrobe ideas can guide you to decide your storage space and give your bedroom an exciting effect. Do leave your suggestions below and keep following our blog for more!

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