5 Reasons Why Pierre Jeanneret Chairs Are Made For You.

Ever wondered, how did an obsolete chair design emerge so much that most of the architecture and design magazine companies are running reviews on this style?

How did the Pierre Jeanneret chairs make it to the homes of various celebrities, with Kardarshians being a name among them?

History of Pierre Jeanneret Chairs

Chandigarh is known as the first planned city of modern India. Ancient India’s every city was well planned, but temporarily, we can let the former colonizers pat their own shoulders.

Well! Assuming that it was the first planned city of Modern India, the erstwhile government appointed Le Corbusier, an architect, to plan and get the city of Chandigarh constructed. Corbusier further asked his cousin Pierre Jeanneret, another designer, to design the furniture and add some finishing touches.

Most of the furniture he used was made out of locally available resources, such as teak wood and rattan ropes. The resultant furniture also turned out to be lightweight and was capable of representing India. They were a common sight in public buildings.

The chairs made no hype for a century. Soon, they were obsolete and were sold as scrap.

Various Indian and Foreigner designers tried their luck with the scrap and they have been successful in introducing these chairs, but this time with a hype.


Why should you invest in a Pierre Jeanneret Chair?

  • Quality

You literally can’t doubt the quality of this chair. It is matchless.

  • Light Weight

Since, many versions of this design, particularly the models we have, do not use any sort of upholstery, hence the piece is light weight.

  • Eco Friendly

Rather than a plastic chair, you should sincerely think about buying this chair. It makes of use of teak wood (also available in rosewood and solidwood), and rattan mat for seating space.

  • Boosts Small Businesses

Not just this piece, but whatever you buy from us boosts small businesses.

  • Aesthetic

Going with the trends would obviously be good for you. You’re not just buying a chair, you’re buying a legacy.

  • Long Lasting

When you buy something by assessing quality and take proper care of the stuff you’ve bought, the stuff lasts long; it’s that simple.

Product Description

We expect you to be well versed of the product’s details before you buy it.

Height: 79cm / 31.1 Inches 

Width: 50cm / 19.6 Inches 

Depth: 54cm / 21.2 Inches (Front to back) 

Armrest Height: 66.5cm / 26.1 Inches 

Seat Height: 44cm / 17.3 Inches
Material – Solidwood / Rosewood / Teakwood

How To Buy?

Though, we’ve a few pieces available in stock, still, we prefer making this design on orders mainly.

In case you’re interested to buy this chair, you can whatsapp, telegram or signal us your requirements at +91-9756920053. 

In case, this is not possible, email your requirement at shivsangal@gmail.com with the subject ‘Pierre Jeanneret Chair Required’.

You can also DM us your requirement on our instagram handle (@biznoin) or click here- www.instagram.com/biznoin .


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