We all grew Up

We All Grew Up

As the time passed by, the humanity continued to be lost,

The one who was my child, now I no longer have a hold,

The eyes which loved me now have turned bloody red,

The palms showing finger for a walk are now waiting to hit me dead,

That soft voice giving love is now thundering so loud,

That my baby took me to an old house,

We all grew up.

We all grew up dreaming so big, we all grew up doing for it,

From the era of love to the era of lust,

From the era of trust to the era of fake crust,

The human now, is living an empty crate life,

Full of torts living with fake pride,

All I’ve seen is heaven turning into hell,

And everyone is just turning by smell,

The worth of money is now more than men, and

The saviours of ours are turning recreant,

I wish all done can be redone, I wish I could go to my home,

We all grew up but our lives have changed,

We all grew up from life to an end.

Aakarsh Goel

Aakarsh Goel

Aakarsh is a highly acclaimed Muzaffarnagar based actor, counsellor, dancer and poet. Currently, he is pursuing BBA from SD Institute of Management Studies and is in the second year of the discipline. 

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4 thoughts on “We All Grew Up”

  1. Literally amazing,holds a deep meaning and highlights the reality of today’s world. I appreciate this piece of yours and looking forward to read more of these eye opening rhythms of yours.

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