Muskan Badoni- She Changed Because She Wanted To

She Changed Because She Wanted To…

Neither did she change cause she was flawed,
Nor due to the fear of being ignored.
Even this unfair world couldn’t change her,
The more she got hurt,
The more she got bolder.

She could hear people laughing,
She could hear people mocking,
Still she didn’t change her path,
And kept walking… !

Even the greatest advises didn’t affect her,
Hard to believe but she didn’t she even wonder,
How can all the people be so wrong
And she alone be right,
She couldn’t see anything
Perhaps she lost her sight.

Then there was a day when she realised,
No matter what she does,
Things are never gonna be alright,
She knew it would be difficult
But it was the time to fight
She knew it would be selfish
But it was the time to be bright.
So she said goodbye to the night
And welcomed the light,
Sensing the feeling of delight
She relished the regained sunlight.

She lived she learned,
She lost she earned,
But one thing was confirmed,
She changed when she herself discerned
The difference between wrong and right.
The difference between truth and lies.
Now looking back she has no one to blame,
Cause she didn’t let anyone control the game.
She played it until she got tired
She won’t deny that she was a little wired.

But there was one thing about her that people shouldlook upto,
She didn’t change cause the people wanted her to,
She changed for herself
And she changed cause she wanted to
She changed for herself
And she changed when she wanted to…!

Muskaan Badoni

Muskan Badoni

Composing poems since 2019, Muskan is a second year B.Com hons. student of Graphic Era Deemed to be University, Dehradun. She expresses her personal feelings and experiences. General and spoken poetry are her particular interests.

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