Muskan Badoni's Sensitive Souls

Sensitive Souls : A Scintillating Piece of Poetry

Sometimes when I feel sad,

And my emotions  are constantly driving me mad,

The time when I just can’t hold back anymore,

I tell myself this one little thing for sure,

That I can cry as long as I don’t feel like crying anymore,

‘Cause crying isn’t bad and;

It is okay to feel sad.


I am a human; I am no god,

Expressing my emotions doesn’t make me odd,

And for people who think vulnerability is weak,

Well they have a lot in their lives to seek,

Cause they don’t know how beautiful it has made me,

They’ve no idea about its ability to make people stronger,

And they don’t know it is is the only thing that stays when everything in life seems to be over.


People tell me “you shouldn’t cry too much, it makes you incapable.”,

And I don’t know how to cry in an amount which can make me suitable,

But I don’t wanna stop crying,

Just to be fittable,

I don’t wanna stop crying,

Just to be likeable,

So to all the sensitive souls out there,

It’s time to realize, Suppressing your emotions is not fair!


People will say what they wanna say,

You be true to yourself,

For there will always be times, 

When nobody will understand,

And that is the time when you will learn to withstand,

And that is the time to finally take a stand.


So cry your heart out,

And know that the pain will heal,

Tell the world out there aloud,

I will feel what I wanna feel,

And it’s no big deal.

Note from PoetessExpressing your emotions doesn’t make you weak. Holding them back does.

Muskaan Badoni

Muskan Badoni

Composing poems since 2019, Muskan is a second year B.Com hons. student of Graphic Era Deemed to be University, Dehradun. She expresses her personal feelings and experiences. General and spoken poetry are her particular interests. She is publishing her poetry on the Bizno portal for the first time.

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